Friday, 20 May 2016

Mail Art IN - UK, StripyGoose's Grand Bird Migration

Hurra, yesterday a flock of flamingo birdies
has landed in Amsterdam.
What an honour to receive one of the 365 (!) MailArt items 
StripyGoose has made and sent for her special project.

 May 14th 2016 was International Migratory Bird Day
and Stripy in advance made 365 pieces with birdies.
She posted them on the 14th in a grand Victorian red postbox,
accompanied by other MailArtist. 

On Stripy's blog you can see all the pieces
and track whether the birdies have landed. 
What a grand idea.

Let's see how many Mail Artist have the kindness
to let Stripy know a birdy has landed. 
(What a relieve nowadays stamps have a sticky back ;) 

Thank you, StripyGoose 

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  1. You're welcome Suus and thanks for the super photos and blog (as always). About 20 people have acknowldeged the safe arrival of their birds so far. The furthest away is Canada. Fun to think of them now all over the globe!


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