Friday, 20 November 2015

Mail Art IN - Germany, Willemien Visser

Collage in very-familiar-looking-see-through-envelop.
Dutch stamps on Mail Art from Germany? 
"Uit de kunst" means something like "Cool Art-ish"?
The -ish can apply to both Cool and Art, I guess.
Silly me addressed the see-through envelop wrong. But it reached Willemien anyway! 
As often, a collage has more meaning than it seems at first sight. 
Even the stamp is art. 
And some good news every Mail Artist who spends a fortune on stamps
(Willemien in this case):
the stamp wasn't cancelled.
Will return it to the sender ;)
This see-through envelop really does a lot of travelling. 

Thank you, Willemien

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