Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mail Art OUT - Joint Mail Art making by Artist in Seine & Suus in Mokum

     During probably one of the busiest days in Amsterdam
- as SAIL 2015* was going on with lots of visitors in the city - 
Dean aka Artist in Seine and I got together in a cosy café on the Zeedijk.

     We started making Mail Art at 16.00 o’clock
and before we knew it, it was 19.30.  
Lots of magazines, scissors, glue (that kept falling off the table) 
and concentrated creativity was involved.

     It was great fun and lovely to meet each other for the first time in real life.. 
And despite his name, the Artist in Seine isn't that crazy after all.
OK, well a little... but normal is so boring ;)

This is just a selection of the pieces we made. 
And nope, we will not reveil who will receive what piece.

Dean and Suus

*SAIL= every five years in Amsterdam.
The tall & huge sailing ships are docked in the harbour and can be visited by the public.

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