Monday, 23 March 2015

Mail Art IN - The Netherlands, Ruud Janssen

It's always an honour to receive Mail Art from Ruud Janssen, the founder of IUOMA: 
International Union Of Mail Artists.  
Ruud collects prints of stamps. 
He has a huge archive with sheets of stamps 
provided by whoever is invited by Ruud to fill the blank sheets. 

This time I did fill some sheets and I am amazed about how many stamps I have! 
Could / should use them more often ;)
Great selfies of Ruud are included plus 
funny stickers and of course Mail Art with unique stamps. 
This parcel gives me lots of ideas to make something. 

Thank you, Ruud


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  1. I feel the same way about mail from Ruud. I got some of the censored stickers and am being unsure of where I want to place them. I think I must just start and do it. Stick them on something. Also, I've done a number of the stamp sheets and have received more. Oh dear. BUT I just got a new rubber stamp at some random shop for not much money. Made me happy. It says Feliz Cumpleaños. I like finding stamps in other languages than English. Rare but the other week I found "merci" in a very nice script, at the craft store. Let's just have fun!


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