Friday, 27 February 2015

Great bargain - cross stitch addicted?

During my lunch walk on Waterloo Market (Amsterdam)
 I saw these interesting boxes. 
2 euro for one box.  
With a bit of Dutch courage I negotiated to get the three of them for 5 euro. 

The boxes are stuffed with strings of embroidery yarn! 
('Course I did the colour sorting.)
Especially the blue and green box is to my liking. 
Now... what to do with these colourful pieces of fibre? 

I started with the alphabet and cross stitch patterns. 
Aaaagh... too much counting and concentrating.
So I had a brainwave: if I can make shapes and repetitive patterns with paint,
why not try painting with embroidery yarn?
Even did some 4x4 colour sudoki's! 
And with 'melange' colours, it looks like the colours are gradually fading 'over into each other'. 

Looks cool, me thinks! 
And I can do cross stitch while watching YouTube and old fashion tv! 
Now... what to do with them? 
I see some nice Mail Art pieces. 
And also I can incorporate them in handmade bookies. 

To be continued...


  1. Great findings, those yarns. Leuk, en wauw, jij hebt hard gewerkt, Suus! Prachtig mooie resultaten, vind ik.

    If once you're back to follow patterns, on the internet there are some interesting / inspiring non-conformist embroidery-websites, for instance (and anybody may feel free to copy my Goomba cross stitch pattern which is on Instagram).

  2. How creative-never would have thought of that, but it looks great!

  3. Thanks ladies. Need new glasses now as it is tiny miniscule work ;)

  4. What a good find at the market! And you made a good bargain. I like what you did with the thread, too. So direct, so minimal.


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