Friday, 30 January 2015

Experiment - 7x7 colour sudoki

Aaaargh... sudoki's (or sudoko's) drive me completely mad and mental. 
My brain just does't understand numbers. 
Especially not when they are a puzzle.

I need and I want to understand how it works, 
so I started colouring my own sudoki's (or sudoko's).

The grid is 7x7 and the outcome looks cool, me thinks. 
Are they all correct? Of course not! 
It took me hours and hours and about 50 grids to understand how the order of colours work.
And I had to make notes, not to forget the order.

Of course I still make mistakes. 
So what! It's the proces that is so enjoyable.

What makes it very interesting is changing colours and see what the outcome is. 

Love rhythms and repetitive patters ;)

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