Thursday, 28 August 2014

#365 MailArt - Mission Accomplished

I made and sent 365 pieces of MailArt. 
Okay, it took me more than two years, but I did it.
Patterns, mandala's, drawings, silly creatures, zombies, doodles, punnik-pieces, even some collages!

The above are some of my favorite pieces.
You can see all the pieces on my Flickr page.
Yes, I will continue making MailArt
but I am not sure about another #365 challenge.
Maybe I will reach that number again, someday, before I know it ;)


  1. HOORAY 365! You're on my list… hope to send you something soon!

  2. Hi Suus--congratulations for reaching your goal and keeping us all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what you will create next :-)
    I admire such dedication to your art making !

  3. Congratulations! And I'm one of the happy 365 recipients... :)


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