Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mail Art from... Momkat, Willemien Visser, Momkat & Heleen de Vaan

 Not very surprising but... I am behind with blogging. 
And I am starting to sound like a broken record as well. Sorry about that. 
Anyroad, this happy Easter Bunny was sent by Momkat from Greece.
The stamps on Momkat's piece are fun as well. 
So Mail Art is to be washed on 40 degrees and better not put in the dryer. 
Another piece of Mail Art wishing me Happy Easter that received on time, 
only to be blogged a month later. 
This tasty piece is from Willemien who has recently moved to Germany.
She is multi-lingual! She speaks Dutch, German and French.
'Ze zijn in Parijs!' this Mail Art postcard says. 
'They are in Paris!'
They being Momkat from Greece and Heleen de Vaan from Nederland
(on the picture they are right from the Eiffel Tower). 
That is wonderful, Mail Art Artists meeting each other somewhere in this world,  
having a cup of tea or coffe together.
The last drop of the tea was used for making the watercolour liquid ;)

Thank you all for your Mail Art

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