Monday, 28 April 2014

Mail Art from... Dorina Harangus, CB and Petrolpetal

Mail Art piece created with recycled scraps of paper by Dorina Harangus, Turkey.
Dorina writes she loves recycled... with a purpose. 
Composition with splashes of 'primaire kleuren'
(primary colours? primarily colours? prime colours?) from CB, Germany.
Now... I guess that is from Cristina Blank, but correct me if I am wrong.
This Mail Art arrived in a see-through envelop. 

 A closer look reveils a bunch of spooky-like silly creatures floating in a white rectangle ;) 
 From Petrolpetal, South Africa this mixed media piece made from a 
Sonko wholemeal crispbread box. That doesn't tell from the outside but of course I couldn't resist opening this piece.
And then there's a selection of stamps and gold print. Love the tribal knot.
Petrolpetal has her own signature stamp. Cool. 
Thank you all for your Mail Art

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