Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Mail Art from... Stripygoose, David Stafford, Claudia McGill and Momkat

A real postie birdy by Stripygoose, United Kingdom. 
#347/365 and it is her second series of Mail Art #365. How does she do it?
This Mail Artist sends Mail Art without signature. But it is the famous David Stafford from the United States of America ;) The figure (hope not David himself) is followed by a moonshadow. 

And this is the front or is it the back of the postcard with lady and geometric shapes.
This Valentine I received Valentine Mail Art, what a surprise, hihi.
Valentine = Bah Humbug, Mail Art = Cool, me thinks.

This miniature is from Claudia McGill, USA.
Momkat from Greece sends 'A touch of BLUE for Valentine's Day'.

Thank you all for your Mail Art

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