Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mail Art from... Rochleighz Wholfe, Edna Toffoli, Valentine Mark Herman, Laurence Gillot

From Rochleighz Wolfe, USA, this stunning mini-bookie piece with abstact painting. 
There's a lot of work in this Mail Art.
 From Brasil a pencil doodle drawing from Edna Toffoli.
Also Edna announces a Mail Art call: One breath of life! for people with cancer. 
Send Mail Art to Edna and she will distribute the pieces to patiens in treatment Hélio Angotti Hospital of Uberaba. More info viaednatoffoli.blogspot.com.
 Vintage postcard with antique stamp from Valentine Mark Herman, France. 
My French is quiet rusty but I guess the text on the back says the barrels nearly weigh 70 kg. 
Is that with or without wine included?
 Laurence Gillot, France, sends this nice applique with spiral blocks in the middle. 
It looks so familiar... *)
 Laurence has a wonderful style, re-using letters, images and other vintage pieces. 
Less is more... and so attractive.
*)... and this is the piece I had sent Laurence.
Thank you all for your Mail Art

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