Monday, 10 March 2014

Mail Art from... Misra, Artist in Seine, Tofu and Kit Gonzales Moore

 A true gem from Misra, Turkey has arrived.
Beautiful spring theme drawing with stamps and text.

Misra is 7 years old and asks how old I am ;)
Will answer that with Mail Art. 
Fantastic if you start making Mail Art when you are only 7! 
Aaaaah, it's banana Mail Art time again. Although I am not participating this year the Artist in Seine, France, sends me a banana piece. This one is already framed and ready to be shown in a museum. 
Tofu's terrific sample Mail Art has arrived. This one is a mixed media one. 
Could be that Tofu has travelled in the USA...  
or to another country as the safety instruction does suggest. 
Beautiful piece from a 'new' Mail Artist, Kit Gonzales Moore, USA, arrived in a see through envelop.
Collage with water colour technique? Looks stunning.
Thank you all for your Mail Art

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  1. Great stuff, Suus! We missed you in the banana group. Great to see that Artist in Seine sent you something!


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