Monday, 24 February 2014

Mail Art from... Sherri Ayers, Rachel Carter and Amy Morton

Mail Art trice from the USA!

Sherri Ayers sends a big envelop with 'odds & ends'. What a lovely surprise. 
The old stamps are great. Might be torn out pages from a very old stamp album... and they would look good in a handmade bookie ;)

Water colour postcard with blue layers from Rachel Carter. 
It was sent without envelop and it did arrive in perfect state.

Amy Morten's envelop is Mail Art in itself. 
Included is one of the first of a 'iphone digital photograpy serie'. 
Rachel writes she has learned to enjoy little happy monsters. 
That's good news!

Now this 'iphone digital photograpy piece' is taken with my iphone ;)


Thank you all for your Mail Art

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