Monday, 17 February 2014

Mail Art from... Ilknur Akman, 5Blanks, Valentine Mark Herman and Raphael'L

First Mail Art received from Turkey! 
Great combination of a picture (from a magazine?) and drawing by Ilknur Akman.
Nice shapes.
Just visited Ilknur's blog and these nice shapes are her signature.
Also she invites me to participate in an
International Mail Art project 'I'm a walnut tree'.

And another invitation for a Mail Art call. I've got homework now, hihi. 
These pieces are from Cristina Blank, Germany. 
The little fellow reminds me of a 'Gut'n Abend - MainzelMänchen'.
Good memories.

Angels & Demons who think they are a wallnut tree!
That might be my theme for both projects. 
To be continued. 

The Mail Artist from Sigean, France, sends this altered flyer. 
Remarkable reflection of the sculpture. 
And Val, your Mail Art was not photograped on a bath mat ;)
Awesome collage by Raphael'L USA, with 3D effect.
On the back it reads that on friday (in january) the big 
Wave Surf Contest will be held at Half Togu Bay. 
At the moment it is Winter Olympics and surf contest reminds me of summer.
One globe, different seasons eh!

Thank you all for your Mail Art!

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