Friday, 3 January 2014

Mail Art from... Karinne, Momkat, TofuArt

Happy 2014 and may it be filled with health, creativity and lots of Mail Art. This collage was sent by Karinne, Brasil. Alas no address. I would love to return a piece, Karinne.
Especially made for my birthday by Momkat, Greece.
A card with a cover made of thick layers of blue and white paint.

This is how the outside of the card looks when opened.
 And this is the inside. Stamp Mail Art. Some stamps are handcarved. 
TofuArt, USA, is inspired by patterns and colours, me thinks. Something we share, me thinks, too.
This is mixed media on paper. Love the repetition and combination of colours. 
TofuArt writes that he often uses the metaphor of opening a packet of seeds and scattering them around a garden, when spreading out his art around the world. I wonder what that little piece will grow into, here in Amsterdam ;)

Thank you all for your Mail Art

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