Saturday, 26 October 2013

MailArt from... XXJones, Valentine Mark Herman, Erni Bär, Momkat, Claudia McGill

From Austria! This envelop in style of the 25th anniversary of IUOMA.
The stamps reflect what is in it. A bookie with colourful paper collages. 

XX Jones made it with love!
Valentine Mark Herman, France, sends recycled MailArt with the message that he is exposing himself... again. Now in restaurant Le Potager. How does he do that? Where does he get the energy? 
Smileys, music, dope, pilote (?) and veggies are used by Erni Bär, Germany, to make this collage. Or is it pizza? It's always fun to study Erni's MailArt. The statues with yellow faces are cool. 
A blue boekie with stamping art, especially for me from Momkat, Greece.
At least half the stamps are hand carved by Momkat, I believe.
The cover of the boekie itself is also a piece of MailArt. 
Claudia McGill, USA, enjoyed my crochet potholders, hurrah! And now she sends me this complicated, handmade dishcloth. This is much too nice for being used as a dishcloth! It is knitted in front of the telly (crochet also goes well in front of the telly, hihi) and the stiches used look very complicated to me. Looks great. 

Thank you all!

Monday, 21 October 2013


My lovely friends Jonnie & Vonnie got married and as I couldn't find a nice wedding card, I made a boekie for them, hihi. 

Of course with matching potholders...
Good luck ladies!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MailArt from... Lorella, Momkat, K.S. Chambers, Petrolpetal, Theo Nelson

First MailArt to receive from Italia, from Lorella.
This blue-ish piece is called 'Wind of MailArt' and has on the back some tiny autumn leaves in the typical autumn colours. Very beautiful.

Momkat from Greece - who is a real blue MailArt expert - sends this red stamped with paper collage. It's a congratulations card on 25 years IUOMA! Uh... could it be I missed this project?
Lots of handmade stamps on the back. 
And look at these stamps on the envelop! Although I never met Momkat in real I am pretty sure the figure with glasses on the left is her ;)
 This one is from Keith Chambers, USA. Andy Warholl eat your heart out! Keith has his own Campell's soup postcard, yo!
And he also has a blog with beautiful pictures. 
And he has been making MailArt since 1252 a.d. which makes him definitely the champion! 
To answer this personal question... I will send Keith some MailArt ;) 
From South-Africa this collage with drawing and feathers. Looks like a lovely little present. Petrolpetal put one of the feathers in a golden see-through envelop. Wonder what kind of bird is missing one feather now?
And another MailArtist who has his own printed postcard! Theo Nelson from Canada sends a beautiful poem about the autumn titled 'Soon, the Fall'.  On his website I found a kind of bingo-number-tablet and when I chose a number on the postcard-page, I saw great postcards made with watercolours. 
Goes without saying I would love to show the poem here as well, but the blue thingy I use for displaying MailArt out/in was taken by Joseph. 

Thank you all for your MailArt!

Links (Keith Chamber's blog) (Theo Nelson's website)

Friday, 11 October 2013

Recycled MailArt by David Stafford

Last june or so I sent this snooble (that's how I call a doodle with a silly creature) to David Stafford, USA. He blogged it and I was very honoured. Now... David can do magic with the computer! 

He used my doodle for dressing this elegant lady!
That really would be great, designing fabrics. If only...
David was inspired by Marie Wintzer. You can read the complete blog here.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

MailArt from... Heleen de Vaan, Cristina Blank, Janine Weiss, Tofu Art, Valentine Mark Herman

From Heleen! Who lives very close... in cycle distance from where I live.
Amsterdam and Amstelveen both are situated at the river Amstel. Lovely drawing called "Vliegende vlinders en vogels en post" = "Flying butterflies and birds and mail".
Also IUOMA postcards and a real IUOMA-stamp on the envelop ;)
This was sent by another neighbour. Cristina Blank, Germany.
Pencil-'slijpsel'-art. What an original idea. Looks great.
The postcard also is produces by Cristina!
How cool to have your own postcards printed.
3D from Jann, Switzerland. A happy bunch of cut out creatures. This one made me smile ;)
Looks like a lot of work and so detailed cut out.
Tofu, USA, invites me for the Opening Reception of his exhibition 'The Art of Beer' in San Francisco. I am honoured, thank you very much! (Alas I won't be able to fly over, sorry).
He also sends me a piece of the "... mixed media art made from recycled beer packaging and other beeraphernalia". 
A Canadian stamp of QEII is on the back. Like!
Valentine Mark Herman, France, sent me a heavy envelop, containing a real notebook. It's an add 'n pass project, started by Dimitra Papatheadorou, Greece. She sent 10 notebooks in total with the request to record ones holiday memories. 
 Val starts with the first chapter and it is about his 'Staycation' in Sigean. 
"Why go to Africa when we have lions in Sigean?". Why indeed?! Nice story Val. Sigean looks very nice. I will put it on my bucket list ;)
My job now to fill the second chapter and I am looking forward to it. 

Thank you all for your MailArt!