Friday, 26 July 2013

MailArt from... Laurence Gillot, Mim4Art, TofuArt, Erni Bär, David Stafford

A rather 'big' envelop, decorated with birds, containing something small arrived from France. The content is a mini-matchbox with hand stamped tag. 
This is lovely! Laurence Gillot made a blue 'collage' with ribbon and beads,
one with the portret of Jezus.
A real treasure box.

If you have any questions about MailArt and/or IUOMA (International Union of MailArtists), you can ask Mim4Art, USA. She is the helpful mentor at the moment. And also she finds time to make MailArt herself. This piece is part of her 'Landscape Beautification Project' and the painting adds an unexpected view to Silver Park Lake, Alliance, Ohio.

Another piece of MailArt from the USA by TofuArt. Interesting designs made by TofuArt himself with the title 'Art Sampling - Art Remixes'. TofuArt was inspired by dance music that - in the 9-ties - was often made after sampling other music. The designs are collages, made by cutting up art magazines. Looks really good. Also I am invited to use these art samplings to use in MailArt pieces of my own. There might be a to-be-continued...
 From Germany another intriguing collage by Erni Bär.
Erni rocks, and so Erni modestly states himself on his art ;)
 Erni has his own fanclub on IUOMA and erniness has become a noun. I hope the German dictionary will add 'erniness' in the next edition.
Handmade envelop with watercolour painting called 'Rain in the Tropics'. Look at the details! The big ship in the background and the flux-kite. (Still don't understand what flux is but I think that is allright).
The postman is warned: "Legal Document Enclosed. Do not bend, do not waiver'. The postman did oblige. Inside the envelop another watercolour painting. Beautiful piece by David Stafford, USA! And there is more.
A handwritten list of warnings of what NOT to do with this mexed media by a grouchy old artist.
This is so funny. It really made me smile. Sadly I am not allowed to present this MailArt to a museum under the pretence I found it in my uncle's safe deposit box. And no, I will not let my nephew toss it into a 'vuilnisbak'. 

Thank you all

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Red, blue, gold - Really monk's work

Ooof, this one really was monk's work ;)
40x40 cm Ø 33.
Last preparations for the exhibition!

Monday, 15 July 2013

MailArt from... Momkat

This famous Dutchman was born this day (juli 15th) in 1606 or 1607. 
The experts and/or Wikipedia don't know exactly. Did I know it is his birthday today? 
No, I did not.
But Momkat in Greece did! On the envelop I was warned to open it on this day.
Inside another beautiful piece of blue MailArt.
So much for my knowledge of (birthdays of) Dutch painters... 
I just checked the website of the Rembrandt Huis. 
But it looks like the Rembrandt Huis did not celebrate Rembrandt's special day either. 
It is a nice museum though. 
Especially Rembrandt's studio and his collection of weird and exotic things.

More more more...

Also from Momkat is this wonderful handpainted bookie. It arrived in Amsterdam in march this year. And I really do apologize for not blogging it earlier.
Handmade bookies are cool! 

Thank you, Katerina

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seven colour circles - Exhibition in preparation

It's nearly three years ago when I had an exhibition, showing my 'seven colour circles' or mandala's. How time flies. Next week Valentine Mark Herman (who lives in France) and I will arrange our pieces of art (ahum...) in Cafe Jenze in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

As I was looking through my portfolio, I found these two. It's from the time I was still searching for the 'perfect' colour combination. Well, what is a perfect combination? 
That may change in time as well. Now I prefer to use blue and red combinations. 
As in the series of mini-mandala's that you can watch on Flickr.
Included in the frames, these pieces are 23x23 cm. And they are for sale ;)