Saturday, 23 February 2013

Crochet Attack - potholders

After making dozens and dozens of silly creatures I thought it was time to crochet something more useful. Well, who doesn't need potholders, eh? Men or women can burn their fingers in the kitchen likewise. These are not for sale, as I have sent them to friends abroad.
But commissions are welcome ;))

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MailArt from... Momkat

Way behind with blogging all the wonderful MailArt I have received the last weeks. What's new...
Momkat from Greece sent 5 pieces! A volume of production to be envious of, hihi. 
This is a Banana MailArt piece, dated november 18 2012. That was last year. Time flies. 
At the moment there is another Banana MailArt project going and I have signed up. Can't remember I did last year, more the surprise. 
Arty slides! Another microkosmos in the MailArt world. Looks tiny, sweet and very miniature. Like it very much. May try myself, one day. After having blogged everything, that is. This one also wishes me happy holidays.
Blue for me with gold recycled 'eat art'. My bet: it was chocolate! Mmmmmmm
To end this wonderful collection made by Momkat, this collage with Greek text and probably a famous painting. Think I recognize it, but don't know a name.
5 envelops but only 4 pieces... well... the last one deserves a special blog. Thank you, Momkat and... to be continued.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

MailArt from... Vizma Bruns

From Down Under, with Christmas stamp, arrived this MailArt. That was already in december. A very clever stamp made by Vizma (?) on the envelop says:  'AUS~trA liaM mad just for you'. Like that. As Vizma was writing the message, there was snow in Amsterdam and fire season (hot summer!) in Australia. The seasons on the globe are amazing. Or is it the position and turning of the earth? Or the combination? 

I won the toss for the exclusive tattoo with koala Smokey's warning: "in an emergency call 000". I feel much safer now. The other identical tattoo was sent to Paris, France.
Included in is a wonderful handmade boekie with lots of funny details. 

Is that the 'Lil Red Bag? Yes it is! And it is in Amsterdam at the moment and exploring the city.
To be continue...

Vizma, I think Sooty the Lamb looks ever so cool. 'Just be yourself', but also sheep are great.
In their own way. 
There's the blue globe with astronaut stamps and fortune cookie. It might be possible that Vizma collects lots of things and stuff to make the boekies.
Maybe that is one of the habits of IUOMA-people?

The boekie is really wonderful with a sensible advice on the back.
  Thank you, Vizma.

The End