Monday, 18 November 2013

Mail Art from... Claudia McGill, Guido Vermeulen and K.S. Chambers

Claudia McGill, USA, sends this Zine titled 'Mom Takes the Train to Pittsburgh, Has a Great Time, and Then Goes Home.' The main characters are: Claudia, orange notebook, a pen and the landscape and fellow passengers between Wyncote and Pittsburgh. 
The cover is handpainted. I really enjoyed reading it. How long did the journey take? Looks like a long... long... very long distance.
Handpainted envelop from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium. Included a numbered and signed postcard (67/100). It's a joined project by R Budha Thoki (Nepal) and Guido titled 'On Fire'. A 'ingenious folded' boekie (A4) as extra! Love the drawings in it. 

Another piece of soup art by K.S. Chambers. Now I have the tastes Ox Tongue & Okra, Tarpan Snout and this one: Jabberwocky. I am really curious now about this project. 

Thank you all


  1. ya, guido does great little black/white paintings, books,cards.

  2. Thanks for posting my zine and in such good company. I am intrigued by the soup project, too.

    The trip took 7 hours and covered about 450 miles. The train does not go straight to Pittsburgh but angles up in the state and then down. Our state is large and I saw a lot of it on this trip. I reccomend it to anyone - very comfortable and pleasant.

    And if anyone wants a copy of the zine send me your address and I will send you one.


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