Friday, 11 October 2013

Recycled MailArt by David Stafford

Last june or so I sent this snooble (that's how I call a doodle with a silly creature) to David Stafford, USA. He blogged it and I was very honoured. Now... David can do magic with the computer! 

He used my doodle for dressing this elegant lady!
That really would be great, designing fabrics. If only...
David was inspired by Marie Wintzer. You can read the complete blog here.

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  1. Suus, we could do a series...and a wealthy entrepreneur idly cruising the nettubes comes across them and suddenly you're given the shot you've been looking for....Designs by Suus in Mokum is soon seen in all of the upscale fabric stores (do they even have those anymore?) and then when you die you'll get a footnote in the textile hall of fame yearbook...It could happen....


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