Saturday, 26 October 2013

MailArt from... XXJones, Valentine Mark Herman, Erni Bär, Momkat, Claudia McGill

From Austria! This envelop in style of the 25th anniversary of IUOMA.
The stamps reflect what is in it. A bookie with colourful paper collages. 

XX Jones made it with love!
Valentine Mark Herman, France, sends recycled MailArt with the message that he is exposing himself... again. Now in restaurant Le Potager. How does he do that? Where does he get the energy? 
Smileys, music, dope, pilote (?) and veggies are used by Erni Bär, Germany, to make this collage. Or is it pizza? It's always fun to study Erni's MailArt. The statues with yellow faces are cool. 
A blue boekie with stamping art, especially for me from Momkat, Greece.
At least half the stamps are hand carved by Momkat, I believe.
The cover of the boekie itself is also a piece of MailArt. 
Claudia McGill, USA, enjoyed my crochet potholders, hurrah! And now she sends me this complicated, handmade dishcloth. This is much too nice for being used as a dishcloth! It is knitted in front of the telly (crochet also goes well in front of the telly, hihi) and the stiches used look very complicated to me. Looks great. 

Thank you all!

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  1. Hello Suus! Great bit of mail art! I got your request to follow you. A strange one indeed because I thought I was already following you, well little did I know that I have been a stranger, at least it looked that way, as I was following on rss but not openly :) Confused? Well anyways I'm a disciple now, publicly that is. So lead the way and I'll follow.


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