Wednesday, 16 October 2013

MailArt from... Lorella, Momkat, K.S. Chambers, Petrolpetal, Theo Nelson

First MailArt to receive from Italia, from Lorella.
This blue-ish piece is called 'Wind of MailArt' and has on the back some tiny autumn leaves in the typical autumn colours. Very beautiful.

Momkat from Greece - who is a real blue MailArt expert - sends this red stamped with paper collage. It's a congratulations card on 25 years IUOMA! Uh... could it be I missed this project?
Lots of handmade stamps on the back. 
And look at these stamps on the envelop! Although I never met Momkat in real I am pretty sure the figure with glasses on the left is her ;)
 This one is from Keith Chambers, USA. Andy Warholl eat your heart out! Keith has his own Campell's soup postcard, yo!
And he also has a blog with beautiful pictures. 
And he has been making MailArt since 1252 a.d. which makes him definitely the champion! 
To answer this personal question... I will send Keith some MailArt ;) 
From South-Africa this collage with drawing and feathers. Looks like a lovely little present. Petrolpetal put one of the feathers in a golden see-through envelop. Wonder what kind of bird is missing one feather now?
And another MailArtist who has his own printed postcard! Theo Nelson from Canada sends a beautiful poem about the autumn titled 'Soon, the Fall'.  On his website I found a kind of bingo-number-tablet and when I chose a number on the postcard-page, I saw great postcards made with watercolours. 
Goes without saying I would love to show the poem here as well, but the blue thingy I use for displaying MailArt out/in was taken by Joseph. 

Thank you all for your MailArt!

Links (Keith Chamber's blog) (Theo Nelson's website)

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