Sunday, 6 October 2013

MailArt from... Heleen de Vaan, Cristina Blank, Janine Weiss, Tofu Art, Valentine Mark Herman

From Heleen! Who lives very close... in cycle distance from where I live.
Amsterdam and Amstelveen both are situated at the river Amstel. Lovely drawing called "Vliegende vlinders en vogels en post" = "Flying butterflies and birds and mail".
Also IUOMA postcards and a real IUOMA-stamp on the envelop ;)
This was sent by another neighbour. Cristina Blank, Germany.
Pencil-'slijpsel'-art. What an original idea. Looks great.
The postcard also is produces by Cristina!
How cool to have your own postcards printed.
3D from Jann, Switzerland. A happy bunch of cut out creatures. This one made me smile ;)
Looks like a lot of work and so detailed cut out.
Tofu, USA, invites me for the Opening Reception of his exhibition 'The Art of Beer' in San Francisco. I am honoured, thank you very much! (Alas I won't be able to fly over, sorry).
He also sends me a piece of the "... mixed media art made from recycled beer packaging and other beeraphernalia". 
A Canadian stamp of QEII is on the back. Like!
Valentine Mark Herman, France, sent me a heavy envelop, containing a real notebook. It's an add 'n pass project, started by Dimitra Papatheadorou, Greece. She sent 10 notebooks in total with the request to record ones holiday memories. 
 Val starts with the first chapter and it is about his 'Staycation' in Sigean. 
"Why go to Africa when we have lions in Sigean?". Why indeed?! Nice story Val. Sigean looks very nice. I will put it on my bucket list ;)
My job now to fill the second chapter and I am looking forward to it. 

Thank you all for your MailArt!

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    I was afraid it hadn't arrived, maybe the modern postmen do not know where Mokum is located... Glad to see it did arrive after all!


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