Sunday, 8 September 2013

MailArt from... Momkat, Guido Vermeulen and Erni Bär

Blue MailArt from Momkat, Greece. She made it in januari and I was to open it on august 29th as it is/was Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres' birthday on that day. 
I admire people who can make MailArt that much in advance. So organized! 

 The envelop tells me already this is MailArt from Guido Vermeulen, Belgium. This one is titled 'So sad to watch him die...' He does look sad, indeed.
 In the envelop a numbered colourful photo/card 18/100 titled 'The Lighthouse'.
Interesting poem also included.

Four pieces by Erni Bär, Germany and they arrived seperately.
'The haptic werewolf strikes again'! But...
Is Erni the werewolf? Does the werewolf smoke lucky strikes?
Is the werewolf making the collages? Do Erni and the werewolf know each other?
 Erni sends his collages without envelop and they do arrive in very good condition. I like the quotes and try to find a connection with the cut out photo's.
The blueberries with little 'ferkel' (pigs) are funny. 
And who is that lady in the left corner? MailArt entertains, MailArts keeps me wondering ;)

Thank you all!

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