Sunday, 1 September 2013

MailArt from... E. Coles, Willemien Visser, K.S. Chambers, Cheryl H. and David Schulze

Time to catch up with blogging my received MailArt.
(I will not mention nor think about catching up with making MailArt...)
This detailed piece of visual poetry is from E.Coles, United Kingdom, and called
'What does Whorf know?'. 
Tiny strips of text and lots of painted tiny squares. 
Love the result. Something I might try as well. 

Collage from Willemien Visser, Germany with Russian fragment, ladies wearing 80-ties make up and a cartoon. Is it Kuifje/TinTin? I try to find a connection... but that is my thing hihi.
On the back an add for a course in sewing etcetery by mail. 
The phone number in Hilversum NL, only has 4 digits so I guess it is from the year nineteen-Flintstone. Willemien's supply of collage paper must be very interesting.

Another collage card. This one is from K.S. Chambers, USA
and to me this one also reads like a puzzle.
 Do I see a vintage bandage of a cigar? And the message that probably was hidden in a fortune cookie reads ' You will soon gain something you have always wanted'. 
Wow... but is that message for K.S. Chambers or for me ;)

Abstract paper art from Cheryl H. USA. Looks very good.
The composition is finished with silver paint or ink and then it is plastified.
Is that really a verb? 
 David Schulze, USA, sent #1308 of a series of original certified mailart.
It's a fragment of a failed landschape experiment... so he writes. 
Looks great to me. Nothing failed on this piece. 
The mixed paint on the card looks fab. 

Thank you all!

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