Saturday, 28 September 2013

MailArt from... Claudia McGill, David Stafford, Reanna Day, Edna Toffoli, Raphael'L

On IUOMA (= International Union of Mail Artist) a poll asks with how many people one (me, in this case) shares MailArt. I really don't know but I do recognize some MailArtists' signature when emptying the mailbox. And that makes me smile and happy!

Claudia McGill, USA, makes colourful pieces on re-used paper. This one is an invitation to come to the Town Hall Meeting of... and then there's a stroke of paint. On the back a haiku by Claudia that may be related to the art. Or not? "Rain clouds break and run - Trees shake off glittering drops - Sidewalk staccato".

This one is signed 'Dave' and I am pretty sure it is from David Stafford, USA. Correct me if I'm wrong! It is a soft-core porn piece he produces in his hey days. So he writes. I just don't understand the porn-bit. The lady looks very decent.

Reanna Day, UK, started an 'add and pass' project. I will be number four to write the next part of a story that introduces a group of men, crossing a dark, lonely heath in England... on a moonless night.
Spooooooooky! Number 10 is requested to send the finished story to Reanna. When did this project start, Reanna?

From Brasil another add and pass project. Edna Toffoli sent me the boekie that started its journey in Argentina. Hey... I have MailArt homework now, hihi. The collection already looks good. But I wonder... am I to pass everything? And/or what/where should I add? Whatever... no rules in MailArt!

Raphael'L from USA sent this collage, made of layers of paper in an arty way glued on the card. Some techniques are really amazing. How do my fellow MailArtists do all these special things? 

Thank you all for the great MailArt

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