Monday, 15 July 2013

MailArt from... Momkat

This famous Dutchman was born this day (juli 15th) in 1606 or 1607. 
The experts and/or Wikipedia don't know exactly. Did I know it is his birthday today? 
No, I did not.
But Momkat in Greece did! On the envelop I was warned to open it on this day.
Inside another beautiful piece of blue MailArt.
So much for my knowledge of (birthdays of) Dutch painters... 
I just checked the website of the Rembrandt Huis. 
But it looks like the Rembrandt Huis did not celebrate Rembrandt's special day either. 
It is a nice museum though. 
Especially Rembrandt's studio and his collection of weird and exotic things.

More more more...

Also from Momkat is this wonderful handpainted bookie. It arrived in Amsterdam in march this year. And I really do apologize for not blogging it earlier.
Handmade bookies are cool! 

Thank you, Katerina

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