Sunday, 25 November 2012

MailArt from... Erni Bär, 'E', Tina Wittmer, Katerina Nikoltsou & Dean Marks

Last weekend Sinterklaas arrived in Nederland, with his Pieten en white horse. It is known that the Pieten use 'juten bags' to carry all the presents in. Now Erni Bär, Germany, sends me this big parcel with juten bag with chocolate! Chocolade ist immer gut and I can now volunteer as a Piet. Danke, Erni.

'E' from France asks to give my brain cell to the archives of Utopia. The Ambassade d'Utopia, that is. Mysterious request. I will have to get more information from the website Thank you, 'E'. 

On a rainy and snowy day in october, Tina Wittmer USA, made this collage. Spring-like theme, I think. A selection of colours and different papers. Thank you, Tina.

Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece, enjoyed a holiday in France and she visited other MailArtists. Together with Dean Marks, France she created this big unusual sized postcard with lots of stamps. Culture and fun and friendship. Thank you Katerina and Dean.

Monday, 12 November 2012

MailArt from... Edna Toffoli, Jon Foster, Carina Granlund and Amy Irwin

First MailArt from Edna Toffoli, Brasil! A collage made of patterns, probably cut out from a magazine? Edna writes a nice message that she sends this to begin an exchange of long life MailArt. Thank you, Edna.

A real zine from Jon Foster, USA. Together with Misty he visited 16 states of America, eating Mexican food, all in about one month. Sounds a bit like a tour of a wannabee-president travelling the country to contact his/her voters ;) Looking forward to reading the zine. The Stella-sticker on the envelop reminds me of Belgian beer but it is from an antipasto-cheese. Thank you, Jon.

Eye catching black&white envelop with doodle pattern from Finland containing a trashpo album from Carina Granlund.
The cover is handmade see-through plastic and the content speaks for itself. I love boekies, thank you Carina.
Hey! I recognized this envelop. And the address of the sender was written by... me! Very clever and funny. Amy Irwin, USA, altered the envelop by sticking lots of stamps on it AND an American cent. And it arrived all in one piece. Inside an ATC with spooky Halloween eyes, warning me not to go into the woods. Thank you, Amy.

Monday, 5 November 2012

MailArt from... De Villo Sloan, Test Tower and Dean Marks

Because of MailArt I have been able to add a new word to my vocabulary a couple of weeks ago! Asemic writing. It looks like writing but the symbols, letters, figures whatever are not connected to a real language. Or maybe that language has yet to be discovered.
 It looks like calligraphy, but with out the strict rules. Definitely something I will explore myself.
De Villo Sloan, USA, sent me three pieces of inspiring asemic writing. All different, all beautiful. Thank you, De Villo Sloan.

Also from the USA comes this piece with the title 'Espionage in the 4th dimension' from Test Tower. Having just seen SkyFall with lots of British tongue-in-cheek-humor I double appreciate this MailArt. I think it is a piece created on the computer, very clever. Thank you Test Tower.

Crazy ory Mad? Dean Marks from France sends a 3D-collage with fragments of barcodes. Must have taking quiet some time to cut them all out and stick them into this composition. Brilliant idea. Noticing a barcode will never be the same. Dean is also doing the MailArt 365-route and this is piece #246... only 119 to go ;) Thank you, Dean

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