Friday, 30 March 2012

Coffee with Postcard

Have you ever heard of a 'Coffee with Postcard Café'? There is one in Leiden, The Netherlands, and the cafe is called Francobolli.
That is Italian for stamp ;)

At Francobolli's you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea (with a sandwich, muffin or piece of cake). From several racks in the cafe you can choose from a selection of postcards. Nice postcards! Not the usual stuff that is for sale in the kiosks on the railway stations. When paying for your coffee, you also pay for the postcard, of course. Stamps are available at the counter as well.

Behind the counter there is a big calender. Every day has it's own slot. You can write your postcard(s) and ask the staff to put it in a certain slot. They will post it for you on that particular day. How nice is that? Super service!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Post week #12 - 2012

Last week I received my first Eastern postcard since ages. Very cute lambs from Germany. The cat card is from Belarus by the artist Sergey Stelmashonok. I found his website with lots of colourful paintings of cats. Wonderful, another illustrator discovered. The winter scene is from Finland with stamp of the Aurora borealis. I would love to see that in real, one day.

The small cards are ATC's, received from Swapbotters from Japan and the USA. Swapbot resembles Postcrossing as it gives you the opportunity to send and receive post/mail. If you join Swapbot, you can join a swap like sending tea, postcards or making little creative projects e.g. embroidery, felt dolls, scrapbooking or Artist Trading Cards. The difference and variation of style and quality makes it inspirational and interesting.

Sergey Stelmashonok

Friday, 23 March 2012

Anneque Lijnkamp

This postcard I received from very kind, lovely people who know I love cats and illustrations. Always nice to discover a 'new' illustrator.

On Anneque's website I read that her style is naive and that her paintings are small and very detaillistic (is that an English word?). Anneque works with acrylic paint on panels. Respect! I do not know a lot of techniques, but the combination detaillistic and acrylic paint sounds very difficult to me.

Anneque is also very interested in architecture. Have a look at the beautiful houses and castles she paints. Also canal houses of Amsterdam. You can order postcards from her website.

Anneque Lijnkamp

Monday, 19 March 2012

Handmade booklets o.o.a.k.

Last weekend I did another workshop at the Volksuniversiteit in Amsterdam.
This time it was 'Folding ingenious booklets, part 2'. 

We were given two big white sheets of paper, oil pastels, ecoline and the assignment was: design your own paper. Why this combination? Well, the oil pastels will not allow waterpaint to stick. It gives a very special result.

Oei, where does one start? Such a big white something in front of you that you have to give colours and a dessin. The advice of Marja Wilgenkamp, the teacher, was 'stop thinking, start doing'.Very good advice, me thinks.

The first picture shows the designed papers. The second shows the handmade booklets we made afterwards, using the selfmade/designed paper as covers. I think the results are beautiful! The yellow-orange-red one with the houses is so cute.

The four booklets on the small pictures are my production of the workshop. Making the booklet in the right top was a complete nightmare, the smaller one on the right was very easy to make but looks very impressive. The top left has a tric that makes the inside look very complicated. The left down (not top) was the most work but very fullfilling to make. Real bookbinding with needle and thread.

PS: on Etsy I often see the abbreviation o.o.a.k.After consulting Google I found out it stands for One Of A Kind. Ahaaaaaaa.

Boekbinderij Wilgenkamp 
How to make a really little book (to give you an idea of what 'folding booklets' means)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Suspicious blue envelop

 Blue is a favorite colour of mine, after black. But black seems to be no colour, officially.
I remember vaguely a philosopher (or was it a drunk person?) going on about black being a hole, absorbing all colours. So that would mean black is 'nothing'? Uh... my wardrobe is full of nothing? 

Now there is one shade of blue that always makes my heart jump.
The suspicious blue envelop-blue of the tax office. Why do they always sent their mail on friday?
So one gets it on saturday and there is nothing you can do. In the worst case you can panic for a whole weekend. In the best case... uh...? 

Fortunately I also had friendly post this week: 
Postcrossing cards from the US (2), Great Britain (2), Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and one postcard from a friend who visited Reims, France. The small cards are Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) from Swapbot. More about that later.

PS: I won't bother you with bills, junk mail and magazines ;))
PS2: What colour do the tax envelops have in your country?


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Zombie loves books

Déjà vu! 
I wrote a blog about this zombie before, but it has mysteriously disappeared. 
I suspect the ipad, grrrrumble. 

Anyway, this charming lady (my opinion) is made on cardboard with paper clay. Cool stuff to work with. Her head is half a foam ball. I cut it with a kitchen knife.
I call her 'Trui', that's a nickname for Gertruda.
No idea how Trui is pronounced in English, by the way.
Hope soon to find time to make more Truis ;)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fabulous zombie animation

Don't know what it is, but lately I am fond of cute, friendly zombies.
The kind kind, so to say.
Absolutely not the cruel, gross, bloody species. I remember having nightmares after watching Michael Jackson's Thriller for the first time. Ieieieieiek.

This animation of Allison Schulnik is fantastic. 
Think of the time it must have cost to let one zombie move,
let alone a whole crowd.
And the colours are so timid and cool. Wonderful!


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Knitted envelop

As a teenager I used to knit my own ensembles! 
I kid you not, hihi. And yes, I did wear them. And no... I am not going to show a picture from that period of my live. At school we were even allowed to knit during lessons.

For years knitting was completely out of fashion in Holland but it is back.
There are even knitting clubs in Amsterdam. 
I do not have the ambition nor patience to knit any more two-piece-coco-de-suus but knitting small things are fun. Like this small envelop. No pattern, just test by me. Now I have a shoebox full of knitted envelops, waiting for a destiny in their knitted live. One of them I used in a handmade card for a Postcrosser. Still thinking what to do with the other pieces.