Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Postcard from photographer Joe

Postcrossing is an excellent way for receiving post from all over the world.
And sending in return, of course.
Since I do no longer send or receive postcards from the Netherlands it sometimes takes quite a while before I can registrer a postcard, but... that is all right. It is always worth and a smile while ;)

Even if the postcard is too ugly to look at, doesn't matter. Whatever I receive, the postcard shows pictures or illustrations I have never seen before. Also it is a nice way to learn more about other inhabitants of the globe. If they are willing to write something about themselves, that is.
But then there is always the profile on the Postcrossing-website.

This beautiful postcard was sent by Joe Geronimo. He is a photographer and locomotive engineer.
Joe took the image himself and had a postcard made of it. Your own postcards! That is very special!
Joe has his own blog. 


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Small, handmade books

Last year I did a workshop called 'Folding ingenious small books'.
That sounded very tempting and interesting. The teacher showed us cute small books that looked very complicated. But then she explained how to make them.
Hmmmm, the technique itself is not that difficult, but to get it neat, straight, without spots etcetera... pffffff. 

In March I will teach two very dear and creative friends how to fold the ingenieus little books...
I hope.
Because I still need a lot of practice, I made little books to send as an invitation. They loved it and I love it that they loved it. So! At the moment I am very into practising making tiny ingenious books.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Alles Papier (= Paper Galore)

All these beautiful websites with stationary, yummie yummie. I can spend hours and hours watching it. Better than those stupid shows on television. These websites are great for ideas, inspiration but also... very dangerous... for buying! 

In januari I discovered allespapier.nl.  It's a webshop that sells vintage/arty stationary. The colours are mostly pastels but it is not too dowdy (truttig). Although I can't remember doing it, I did join their page on Facebook. Soon I received an e-mail that I had won a prize! Wooooow, I never win a prize in the lotteries I have joined.
A couple of days later there was a big parcel in the post with a 'doodle your day calender' by Taro Gomi, a Japanese illustrator. I do like his style.

Every day is already filled in with a doodle, but it also gives an assignment to draw your own doodle. Today I gave the pig a text and some little friends ;))  

Alles Papier on Facebook
Alles Papier website
Taco Gumi website (in Japanese)

(first picture is from website www.allespapier.nl)